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About Woww
Cape Town Web Design

Woww is an award winning digital marketing agency that helps businesses Start, Grow and Thrive online.

Based in Cape Town / London with a core focus on Wordpress web design and complementary services we get results that make you actually say “Wow!”. We have a fast growing team of amazing digital experts, lets meet them!

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Tame the Wild Wild Web

The internet can be overwhelming and challenging to get results. Through a streamlined and cost effective development approach, we design beautiful websites, create amazing customer experiences, drive value generating traffic and help businesses succeed online.

We prioritize client satisfaction

Some things they say about us

“It would be my pleasure to act as a reference for Felix and Woww. We have a very good, ongoing relationship with him and his company.”

Dennis BurfordManaging Director - Cobi

“As long as you remain at the forefront of Woww, I will remain loyal to your brand. I have yet to find another individual with as outstanding a work ethic as yours.”

Shanya ShoniDermatologists South Africa

“Great service, super quick to respond, professional and very friendly.”

Nadia du PlessisCreative - Robin Sprong Wallpaper

“Always happy with the services of Felix and the Woww team. Their professionalism and cost effective service is the reason they are the first web development company on my mind to refer.”

Shivad SinghPresto Books & Headstart

Meet Our Team

We have a team of industry experts. From web design to online marketing and graphic design we have the right people to deliver something amazing.

Leadership & Internal

Felix Norton Managing Director at Woww

Felix Norton

Managing Director

Felix studied computer science & game design at UCT and is the founder and managing director at Woww. An aspiring entrepreneur, Felix works with a variety of mediums in the digital space. Always seeking new and innovative ways to improve existing services or create new ones.
On the side he's looking into VR technologies, machine learning and cryprtocurrencies, where he believes the next big things are going to emerge.
Garnett Thorne Managing Partner at Woww

Garnett Thorne

ACMA CGMA | Managing Partner

Garnett graduated from Stellenbosch University with a BComm Honours in Management Accounting and is a qualified Chartered Global Management Accountant.
With a background in finance and small business development, Garnett focuses on the operations and strategic side of Woww Digital.
When he is not researching modern management practices, leadership and positive psychology, which he believes is crucial for success in today’s business environment, Garnett is likely to be outdoors enjoying his passion for sports, spending time with friends or perfecting his pizza base recipe.
David Dos Santos Head of Growth at Woww

David Dos Santos

Head of Growth

David has a degree in Psychology from Stellenbosch University and has focused his career in business development and performance marketing. He is heading up growth marketing at Woww and aiming to scale our clients businesses using advanced omnichannel paid marketing strategies. When David is not adjusting bid strategies online, you can find him playing on his drum kit, surfing on his longboard, practising mixed martial arts, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.
Erik Smit Financial Manager at Woww

Erik Smit

Financial Manager

Erik joined our finance team in April 2020, having had experience working in the financial services industry.

He majored in Management Accounting at Stellenbosch University, and spent the following year broadening his perspective by experiencing life in Europe and Asia.

Excited to be part of a young and dynamic team, Erik looks forward to adding value by managing the financial health of the organisation and supporting the broader business functions here at Woww.

When he’s not hard at work, Erik is outdoors! Surfing, hiking, playing backyard cricket and spending quality time with friends and family.

Nicole Richardson Project Manager at Woww

Nicole Richardson

Project Manager

Nicole studied a BSc in Chemistry and Biochemistry at UCT before going on to work in the pharmaceutical and vaccine industries. She decided to take a sabbatical and is now working as the office coordinator helping out with finance, project management, and content - becoming a of jack of all trades. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, reading, wine-tasting, cooking, and baking treats for the office.
Andrew Gillougley Client Success at Woww

Andrew Gillougley

Client & Team Success

Andrew has a qualification in Communication Networks and has spent most of his career in the customer facing sector facilitating successful client interactions, improving company processes and streamlining efficiencies in technical environments.

Adapt at translating client needs to technical deliverables, Andrew aims to continuously improve both himself and the company to the highest standards.

In his free time Andrew really enjoy all things automotive and if not at the race track or taking the scenic route, can be found with family, friends or mountain biking.

Web Design, E-commerce, Hosting

Sam Burger

Team Lead

When not travelling the world and performing with his band (Opposite The Other), Sam is one of our best Wordpress developers. With his fine attention to detail and work ethic, Sam gets things done. He supports Chelsea.
Kobus Louw Wordpress Developer at Woww

Kobus Louw

Senior Wordpress Developer

Kobus studied marketing & information management and joined the team to become one of Woww's Senior Developers, specializing in E-Commerce.

He is an active member in the Wordpress community, attending & speaking at conferences to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in Wordpress web development.

He originates from Wolseley in the Western Cape, and is passionate about nature conservation. Kobus feels completely at peace when spending time in the mountains and surrounding himself with nature.

Kobus also has a great sense of humour, and cracks some of the best one-liners in the office at unexpected times that really catch you off guard.

Elisha Zeeman Wordpress Developer at Woww

Elisha Zeeman

Senior Web Designer

Elisha is endlessly intrigued by all things creative. She obtained an honours degree in theatre studies combined with a post-graduate Diploma in marketing and, more recently, a higher certificate in Web design & interactive media.

Elisha's life passion is to combine all her creative skills, and to create gripping online experiences through storytelling and interactivity.

When she's not hustling at work and learning new CSS tricks, she enjoys making pasta from scratch and writing satirical stage plays.

Guy Forster Web Developer at Woww

Guy Forster

Senior Wordpress Developer

After his studies in Web Design & Interactive Media, Guy worked as a freelance developer for two years while traveling South East Asia. He joined our WordPress Development team in April 2021.
Guy is dedicated to his craft and passionate about his work. His experience dealing with a diverse clientele has given him the tools and experience needed to be a well-rounded developer.

Guy loves to stay active and be outside in his freetime. He has a passion for sport and healthy competition, his fondest sporting achievement was a 32M freedive!

Shanton Waldien

Wordpress Developer

Shanton is passionate about tech, increasing his knowledge, and is always on the hunt for fresh & innovative ideas. His helpfulness, dynamic personality and hunger to take on new challenges & soak up experience, makes him an integral part of the development team at Woww.

Shanton joined Woww after completing a 6 month Front End Development Course at Codespace, part of Salesian Life Choices.

Also a member of the office FIFA club, Shanton enjoys reading, going for runs in the forest, and improving his photography skills in his spare time.

Alex Retief Wordpress Developer at Woww

Alex Retief

Wordpress Developer

Alex was previously studying chemical engineering, however, he changed direction and is now pursuing Computer Science part-time while working as a junior developer. Alex is also our in house Alexa wizard for Felix's side business, Smart Speakers.
Josh Arendse Wordpress Developer at Woww

Josh Arendse

Wordpress Developer

After graduating from the Salesian life choices coding academy with a qualification in front end development, Josh left his retail job to pursue a career in tech and continuously strives to better his coding capabilities and put to practice new skills.

As one of our newest members to join the team, he is eager to learn and bring value to the Woww family. In his spare time, he enjoys stock investments and is an avid esports and MCU enthusiast.

Luyanda Dingindlela

Wordpress Developer

Luyanda joined Woww after completing a full-stack development course facilitated by Life Choices Coding Academy where he explored HTML, CSS, Javascript and Python. He is creative by nature and an aspiring senior developer.
Prior to this course, Luyanda also completed a multi-platform software development course where he learned about C# and Xamarin. These experiences have helped him become a well-rounded developer who strives to make a difference at Woww.
Luyanda is Cape Town born and bred, but buttered with origins in the Eastern Cape. He loves going home to Eastern Cape to be amongst family and as a change of pace from the Cape Town life.
In his spare time, he enjoys drawing and staying active. He recently discovered an interest in hiking and plans to conquer trails around the Mother City.

Ronald Terblanche

Wordpress Developer

Ronald joined Woww after completing a six-month full stack development course facilitated by Life Choices Coding Academy.

Before Woww, Ronald helped run his family’s IT company in the Eastern Cape, and he also assisted with managing a backyard plant nursery in the Mother City.

Upon discovering the wonderful world of programming, his professional roadmap pivoted and has led to the start of a career in web development. Ronald is self-driven and plans to make his mark in the digital landscape.

After hours, you can expect to find Ronald messing around with his guitar, reading manga, learning and designing, or climbing to the top of a mountain as he pursues hiking as a newfound interest.

Ephraim De Jager

WordPress Developer & SEO Analyst

Ephraim started his career as an electrical technician and made the decision to pursue his true passion which is digital marketing. After working for an SEO firm and freelancing, he joined the Woww team to focus on technical SEO and web design.

Outside of work, Ephraim loves to explore the outdoors by hiking up and camping in mountainous terrains. This adventurous thrill-seeker lives life on the edge and enjoys bungee jumping, skydiving, scuba diving and snowboarding on the slopes of Canada. When he’s not climbing mountains, Ephraim can be found in the kitchen putting his culinary skills to the test and also enjoys making pasta, pizza and yummy tarts!

Ephraim’s technical background and love for technology makes him a great addition to the Woww team.

web designer

Luke Gunter

Web Designer

Meet Luke Gunter, a recent Varsity College graduate with a degree in Marketing Management. Armed with a strong marketing background and a flair for design, Luke discovered his true passion for UI/UX design during his academic journey. This realization led him to independently create digital solutions for small businesses, gaining valuable experience.
Outside the digital realm, Luke enjoys cricket and golf, balancing his professional life with his hobbies. His distinction lies not only in academic achievements but in his unwavering enthusiasm to tackle challenges head-on. As a young and eager professional, Luke approaches each task with a fresh perspective and a commitment to excellence. With a hunger for knowledge, he aspires to make a lasting impact in the field of web design and development
Devlyn Chelin | Woww

Devlyn Chelin

Wordpress Developer

As a seasoned WordPress Developer, Devlyn enjoys honing in on his web development skills and is always eager to learn new technologies. When not behind his keyboard, Devlyn enjoys the thrill of surfing big waves, practicing his discipline in mixed martial arts and spending time with his family and friends.

Digital Marketing & Graphic Design

Paige de Chazal graphic designer at Woww

Paige de Chazal

Design Lead

Paige studied Art Direction and Graphic Design at Red & Yellow Creative School of Business. She is an incredibly talented designer with a love & passion for animals.
Stuart Marsden Copywriter at Woww

Stuart Marsden

Content Lead

Stuart joined Woww in July 2019 after studying a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Brand Communications, specialising in Copywriting, at Vega in Cape Town.

Stuart focuses on Digital Marketing, SEO, and Content Creation and is constantly adding to his skills with additional courses.

Stuart enjoys playing guitar & gaming in his spare time, and is a massive dog person. He is part of the office FIFA club and supports Manchester United.

Bianca Creeke SEO specialist at Woww

Bianca Creeke

SEO PM & Content Creator

Bianca is an experienced project manager and web designer. After working freelance for 3 years she joined the Woww team focusing on SEO project management & content creation.

Bianca is highly inquisitive and thrives on further developing her skills, both technical and interpersonal. She is also a qualified counselling practitioner and enjoys studying philosophy.

When she's not feeding her brain with new information, Bianca is a serial hobbyist, she loves creating with her hands on projects such as woodwork, painting, electronics, gadgets and is a huge motor enthusiast.

Most weekends, you can find her on the racetrack, one of Cape Town's famously scenic roads or head-deep in a DIY home improvement project.

Ryan Vermaak paid marketing specialist at Woww

Ryan Vermaak

Paid Marketing Specialist

Ryan has a B.A in marketing communications from the AAA School Of Advertising and has focused his career on PPC marketing. He forms part of a team that is responsible for our clients paid media accounts and aims to grow each account's performance by implementing best practices and advanced paid media strategies that drive amazing results.

Excited to meet with every client, Ryan believes that fully understanding the clients needs and performance indicators solidifies a base for success.

When Ryan is not optimizing campaigns, you will find him catching up on sport, cooking up something delicious in the kitchen or quite simply enjoying time with family and friends.

Shenaaz Peters

Paid Marketing Specialist

Shenaaz serves as a Paid Marketing Specialist, where she harnesses the power of online advertising platforms to drive growth and achieve business objectives. With a keen understanding of the digital landscape, she crafts targeted campaigns that resonate with audiences and deliver measurable results.

Outside work, Shenaaz values traveling to new cities, bonding with her family and friends, rejuvenating through yoga, and escaping into the pages of a good book.

Megan Marshall paid marketing specialist at Woww

Megan Marshall

Paid Marketing Specialist

Megan is an experienced Account Manager & Digital Marketer with a track record of creating and executing successful marketing campaigns across a wide range of digital channels. With a passion for the fast-paced world of Paid Marketing, she's always working on fine-tuning her skills and is excited about embarking on a journey of enrichment alongside a remarkable team of Growth Marketers.

Under-promise, over-deliver. She is dedicated to nurturing relationships with her clients and takes pride in providing the utmost care and support in helping them flourish and thrive in their respective businesses.

After hours, you'll find her spending time with her loved ones, tending to the garden (or buying more plants that she doesn't need), immersing herself in the captivating pages of an autobiography, or simply unwinding on the couch to enjoy a good movie or series.

Abdullah Isaacs website developer at woww

Abdullah Isaacs

Junior SEO Analyst

Abdullah joined Woww after completing a 6-month full stack development course Facilitated by Life Choices Coding Academy.

Prior to his development course, Abdullah graduated from the University of the Western Cape with a Bachelor of Administration in Management and Public Administration and spent some time teaching, travelling and exploring Chinese culture.

Abdullah is passionate about helping others and plans to add value through developing high-quality websites for brands and expanding their reach with SEO. Abdullah considers himself a wearer of many hats, and he is eager to grow his skillset in the online landscape.

Outside of work, he enjoys spending his time hiking the mountains of Cape Town, playing Fives Futbol and doing some freelance teaching to stay in touch with his friends in Italy.

Eric Mazodze SEO copywriter at Woww

Edric Mazodze

SEO Copywriter and Content Creator

Edric is an SEO Copywriter and Content Creator at Woww. He has always been fascinated by the world of business and marketing. So, it was no surprise when he completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in a variety of different fields - including politics, business management, and digital marketing.

What's more, before joining Woww, Edric worked at some of South Africa's top tech companies in customer-facing roles. This has given him invaluable insight into customers' needs and how to best communicate with them.

In his spare time, Edric likes to build his own WordPress sites, refine his illustration skills, and go on exciting entrepreneurial adventures. But most importantly, Edric enjoys using his skills to help small business owners grow and develop.

Email marketing expert

Tamrin Port

Paid Marketing Specialist

Tamrin is a Paid Marketing Specialist at Woww whose prior experience is evident in her ability to successfully execute marketing campaigns across various channels, notably email and SMS. Her career path is fueled by a passion for the dynamic landscape of Paid Marketing. What truly excites her is the opportunity to continuously learn while collaborating with an exceptional team of Growth Marketers at Woww.
Tamrin also brings a keen understanding of customer experience, which she seamlessly integrates into her client relationships to achieve mutual success.
Outside the office, Tamrin enjoys family time, cold-water swims, exploring Cape Town's natural beauty, and unwinding with TV at home.
Lereze de Scande Graphic Designer at Woww

Lereze de Scande'

Graphic Artist

Lereze joined the Woww team as a Graphic Designer supporting the performance marketing division, eager to learn and gain new knowledge in the industry of design and marketing.

She loves all things creative and has a passion for the Arts. She studied at Stellenbosch University and completed her Honours degree in Visual Art Illustration.

In her free time Lereze enjoys illustrating and writing children’s books, exploring printmaking, and caring for her beloved houseplants.

Janu Opperman

Paid Marketing Specialist

Janu is a dedicated professional who has continuously sought to expand his horizons and deepen his understanding of business and people. He completed a diploma in executive development and entrepreneurship at the Stellenbosch Business School and went on to earn a bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Political Science from Stellenbosch University.

After completing his degree, Janu discovered his passion for digital marketing, specifically in PPC and Paid Marketing, and has since focused his skills on helping businesses achieve their desired goals through these channels.

In his free time, Janu enjoys exploring the outdoors through camping and hiking. He maintains an active lifestyle and can often be found at the gym or playing 5-a-side football in the evenings and is an avid football fan.

Overall, Janu brings a combination of passion, knowledge, and expertise to his work in digital marketing, and his commitment to excellence extends to all aspects of his life.

De Villiers

Paid Marketing Specialist

Jean-Pierre is a highly skilled Paid Media Specialist with a background in content creation and design. With years of experience in the field of Marketing, he has developed a deep understanding of digital advertising strategies and optimization techniques. He has successfully managed and executed numerous advertising campaigns across various platforms, driving impressive results for clients.

Born and raised as the son of a diplomat in numerous countries; which include Morocco, Iran, Philippines, and Jamaica, it has forced Jean-Pierre to adapt to unique and challenging circumstances.

Beyond the professional realm, Jean-Pierre’s interests include maintaining an active lifestyle, hitting the gym or exploring nature through hiking adventures. As an avid music enthusiast, he also enjoys attending concerts and shows to embrace diverse forms of artistic expression. He’s also extremely invested in his creative photography which he loves to share.

Aidan Dean

SEO Copywriter

Aidan received his BA degree in Creative Brand Communications from Vega, Cape Town, specialising in copywriting and brings a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking to the team. With substantial experience in both freelance and in-office copywriting roles, he now uses his expertise at Woww, crafting compelling and SEO-optimised content that enhances the online presence of Woww and its diverse range of clients. Driven by a passion for continuous growth, Aidan is always seeking opportunities to enhance his skills and knowledge in his personal and professional life.

In his free time, Aidan likes to game and is a dedicated content creator, channelling his love for surfing into captivating visuals and narratives. When not riding the waves or gaming, he can often be found exploring the great outdoors, drawing inspiration from the serenity of nature, especially the ocean.

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