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Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos, infographics, video ads and more.

Explainer Videos

Cape Town

Need a concise way to communicate the key benefits of your business and show your brand style? Explainer videos are a great way to introduce your business to prospects and better explain reasons for purchase.

Connect with your audience, communicate your brand message, increase conversions and streamline lead generation. Let Woww create the perfect explainer video for you.

  • Pricing Information
  • Video Script
  • Call-to-action
  • Product Description
Types of Videos
  • Infographics 
  • Live Action
  • Screencast
  • Motion Graphics
Video Style
  • Colour Palette 
  • Animation Style
  • Live Action or Animated
  • Showcase Images
  • Shareable Video
  • Reach Bigger Audiences
  • Intrigue Viewers
  • Save on ads

How It Works


Storyboarding & Concept

An upfront R1500 base fee is required as the project commences


Video Creation

We offer 1 free round of revisions to get your video exactly how you want it


Extra Revisions

R900 for each additional revision after first complementary round


Project Finalization

The video is billed at a R60 per-second rate for the total runtime of video

Pricing Example

The video below has a running time of 60 seconds and had 3 rounds of revisions.

R1500 (base fee) +
R60 x 60 (per-second rate) +
R900 x 2 (3 revisions, first-round free and 2 rounds billable)

= R6900

Corporate Videos

Give viewers insight into your business

Get a video to match your businesses style and convey your business ethics, ideas or just sell your product or service.

Live Action explainer videos are real-life situations, people and explanations which can be used to give tours, show how you implement your service, create your product or showcase the structure and processes of your business.

Advertise on social media, explain your service and give your viewers a personal experience. Using Live Action explainer videos allows you to voice your business in an interactive and interesting way for viewers to see – increasing conversion rates and building trust with customers.

Watch our Corporate demo’s below:

Animated Videos

2D & 3D Advertisement Animation Videos

Animated videos are used in a wide range of companies to intrigue viewers and convey business ideas in a simple, well-designed animation style. Almost everyone likes animation and the simplicity and effectiveness that animated explainer videos bring. Let us create an interesting yet informing video to get viewers on board with your company ideology. 

With almost endless possibility of animation technique, let us find the best video to match your style. With a choice of infographic, motion graphic and 2D & 3D Animation we can get your point across in the most effective way possible using the correct video style.

Watch our Animation demo’s below:

Product Showcase

Intrigue viewers and showcase your product

Get a Product video explainer to showcase a new product, app or feature and it’s functionality on an electrical device. Using screencast – a method of showcasing something by recording usage of your application or service on a device – to explain how to use your application can be a much more interesting and interactive way for a potential customer to view and experience your product first hand.

Screencasts are also a great way to give viewers an indirect tutorial; show off your product’s UI and give viewers a realistic experience on how one would go about functioning or navigating your product.

Watch our Product Showcase demo’s below:

Social Media Short Videos

Update and let customers know that you care

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube have become enormously popular platforms to share video content and reach new audiences.

Whether you’re a large enterprise in need of an employer branding video or a small business owner wanting to create brand awareness, utilizing these social platforms to share your voice can be a powerful way to promote your business.

Watch our Social Media demo’s below:

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