Mareth Colleen

From a ROAS of under 3.5 to over 9.5 in just 2 months!


Mareth Colleen make beautifully designed garments that are hand-cut and stitched one at a time by a small (and we do meantiny) group of South African artisans.

Woww improved Return on Ad Spend by using User generated content and manual bidding techniques. The client is so busy with new business they hardly have time to meet us!

What We Did

We took over paid advertising on Meta and Google Ads
We overhauled their entire campaign structure
Improved ROAS by using manual bidding techniques

The Results


Increase in revenue YoY, using Meta and Google ads


Reduction on Ad cost / Revenue ratio


We went from a ROAS of under 3.5 to over 10 in just 2 months!

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