Happy Hounds

From a ROAS of under 2 to over 6.5 in just 3 months!


Happy Hounds founder, Emma, is passionate about animals and shares her home with a pack of rescues. In 2020, she created the company she had wished existed; making fresh, healthier dog food with less impact on the planet.

Woww took over their Meta Ads and Google Ads account when the client was getting 0 conversions, and has seen tremendous growth since taking over.

What We Did

We took over their Meta Ads and Google Ads accounts
We fixed the conversion tracking and implemented best practices
Continually increased sales on a monthly basis

The Results


Increase in revenue using Meta and Google Ads


Improved monthly return on Ad Spend since taking over their Meta Ads


Increased ROAS from 0 to 17 on their Google Ads account

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