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Do you have a blog (or want to start a blog) and are curious about how you can monetize it? Lucky for you, it is possible, but it’s not a get rich overnight type of scenario. You have to incorporate different success factors to have a successful blog. One thing that all of these techniques have in common, is that you need to have good quality content and a good following.

7 ways you can make money from your website blog

1. Advertising

Advertising is probably the most common way in which bloggers start off making money from their blogs. This strategy is more successful the more viewers and traffic that you get to your site.

Advertisers (for products related to your content) are often willing make an agreement to pay you to feature their product or service. They get targeted exposure to possible customers and you get a kickback for featuring them.

Other forms of online advertising are Pay Per Click (PPC) and CPM (cost per thousand). A PPC is an advert which you put on your blog as a banner or sidebar. Everytime that someone clicks on that advert, you get paid. CPM works similarly, except you get paid an amount when a set number (eg. 1000) of people view the advert.   Google Adsense is tool that helps you with PPC and CPM advertising. Essentially you are letting Google decide and choose a relevant ad to place in the banner. This is good because it encourages people to click on the ad, as it will have some relation to your blog post (which is what the reader was looking for).

PPC Pay Per Click

2. Affiliate income

This method works by linking to a product or service that is for sale on another website from your blog. Let’s use as an example. You form an agreement that if someone follows the link on your blog and ends up buying the service off of Wonga, you will get commision on the sale. Naturally, it would make sense if the product has some relevance to what your blog posts are about. You would probably want your blog to entail some business or financial aspect to affiliate with Wonga.

3. Running an event

This is a resource that few bloggers make use of. By running an event, you can make money from getting sponsors or charging entrance to attend the event. The scale of the event is up to you and the size of the readership of your blog.

Running an event

4. Recurring revenue

Here, you will be charging your readers a recurring (usually monthly) amount which grants them access to premium content, a community area or some form of coaching. It is essentially creating a membership for your readers. In order for this to succeed you need to create quality content which will be desirable and cause people to want to join for the premium content. The Blueprint is a great example of a website charging for premium SEO content.

5. Promoting your business

Many companies have a blog which links and pertains to their business.  This is known as a bricks and mortar business. It allows a business to earn money from their blog as it directs people to their business and in turn they get more sales and profit. In other words, the blog creates more awareness for your business and can provide users with tutorials, updates and other cool articles about your business.

6. Services

Another way in which you can earn money from your blog, is to offer a service to your readers. This service can be anything from freelancing to coaching or designing. You just need to offer a good quality service that you have experience with or an authoritative opinion/view on.

7. Products

You can make money on your blog by selling products too. You could sell T-shirts and other small scale merchandise that relate to your blog or use your blog to create a proper online store. However, you will need a proper warehouse and delivery system. Alternatively you could keep things simpler by selling virtual products such as e-books or software.


If you are wanting to make money, your best bet is to use a combination of these options. Woww offers you a service to help optimize and lay the foundations for a good following for your blog. We do this through the use of SEO. The rest is up to you to be creative, innovative and choose the right combination to suit your needs. Order your Woww blog website now.