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When you think of having an entire website dedicated to a property, you imagine this is done for mansions and luxury villas in Camps Bay and the like. This association of exclusivity and luxury is a powerful one, but shouldn’t only extend to extravagant houses. Now you have the chance to get a unique website for your own, more modest home at an affordable rate.

The property market is one of the most saturated and you need to get your property to stand out. When you put your property on the market via an estate agent or property website, your property falls in line with other similar houses on the market and is outshone by advertising.  This means that your property is easily overlooked. With a website, you will be a cut above the rest. Here we will explain what a single property website includes and how it will be beneficial to your property.

What does a single page property include?

  • Features a single property
  • Has its own unique domain name
  • Photogallery of property
  • Virtual tour of property being advertised
  • Map/Direction
  • Listings agent

5 Benefits of having a single property website for my property?

90% of home buyers look for homes on the internet. That is a fact. This means that if you aren’t advertising online, you are losing potential buyers. By having some online presence you have already improved your chances of a sale. But, there is still opportunity for a primer position.

This is where a website comes in. It will give you an advantage over the other houses with identical specifications. It will further communicate to your prospective buyer that you are serious about this deal and care about the property, as you have invested in putting together a website.

Here are 5 benefits of having a unique website for your property:

1. Create a unique and exclusive selling medium

By having a unique website for your property you are creating a platform in which to solely advertise your property and differentiate it from competition. You are taking your property out of the mass of other properties on the market and giving it its own URL. Here you are able to showcase your property’s best features away from banner ads and other possible distractions to your buyer.

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 2. Personalise and control what your viewers see

Because you have a personalised website for your property, you can decide how you want it to look, which impressive features to highlight and the overall image you want to portray. A sea-side cottage will require a different personalisation to a Stellenbosch estate.

You can control your viewers entire experience- to a certain degree. You can make sure that everything they see is going to reflect positively on your property.

3. Increase traffic to your website

When marketing a property you want to to get as much exposure to as many people as you can.  This is because it will increase the likelihood of someone renting or buying. Further, if there are multiple people interested, you have the opportunity to increase the selling price.

A website for your house will put you ahead of the game. By having a website, you have a bigger, better, and bolder online presence than the competition. This makes you stand out.  Having a website will also help you to expand your sphere of influence in the property market. You can link your website to home directory websites, such as Cape Stay, or Airbnb giving you the opportunity for more exposure and improving your SEO.  This will help you receive a much higher level of visitors who find you straight from Google.

An alternative, which is a hugely untapped market, is Social Media Marketing. People do not realise the importance and the impact of Social Media. By having a unique website you can easily link to pages such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to create a stir on a different platform.  

4. Make the most out of multimedia

By having a unique website for your property, you have the opportunity to make full use of multimedia. You can include a virtual tour and give your viewers a 3-D experience of your property. This is a great feature, especially if you are appealing to overseas clientele.

You can also choose the best pictures for your website to emphasise its best features. There is no limit on the number of pictures and which pictures you can choose. This allows you to accentuate your property’s best features.

5. Include information about nearby amenities

Your website can include all of the best information about your house. You can include an interactive map of the area surrounding your property including some of your favourite local spots or activities.

You can also link and go into depth about nearby amenities such as good schools, shopping centres, public swimming pools and nearby beaches.

All of this will work in your favour and help your prospective buyer to get a good feel for your house and the nearby surrounds.


Giving your property a website is an investment, irrespective of whether you are planning on selling or renting. There is no rival to this kind of exposure. You are given the opportunity to customise your website and give your property the recognition it deserves as well as increasing your visitor numbers. This will in turn speed up the selling/ renting process.

Woww is proud to be a designer of single property websites. Our service includes a personalised website, Search Engine Optimisation, fast loading pages and so much more.