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There are many things in life that you can do yourself. If a light bulb blows, you can change it. If you need to paint a room, you can pick up a brush and paint it. Some things, however, you should hand over to a professional. For example, if you want to build a house, you aren’t going to draw up the design yourself. You will go to an architect. Your website is your online house. If you want a well-made website that won’t fall over or give you problems. You should go to a website designer. Irrespective of what your website is for, it is your online presence and the first impression. You want to showcase your product, writing or photos and not lose business as a result of a poorly designed website.

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Building your own website

There are many website builders available including Wix and Squarespace. This is a common route for people wanting an affordable website. Unless you know what you are doing you will likely pay in the long run. Even in the short term, most people are unaware that they are still paying. This is because they are using their own time which could be better spent elsewhere. Time is money and you are wasting money trying to do something beyond your skill set. Further, a website’s purpose is to get traffic from web-users and by having a sub-optimal website, that doesn’t rank well in search engines you are defeating this. It might seem like the right choice to do it yourself, but people are unaware of how important websites are. Or how it is a worthwhile investment to get a professional website designer.

 – Website builders do not offer the customisation you need

Website builder tools are designed to be user-friendly with minimal to no coding. This is great, but it doesn’t give the option to tweak and customise to suit your needs. An 80:20 rule applies here. You are able to get 80% of what you want on your website from a website builder tool, but not the remaining 20%. This is the 20% which individualises your website. Because there is no coding, you cannot get all of the functionality, personalization and customization. This is what you need to make your website stand out. Furthermore, many website builders, like Wix, offer this “free service”. Unfortunately it comes with their advertising on your page and ultimately detracts from your website’s purpose.

 – Website Builders allow important features to slip through the cracks

Website creation requires a lot more work than one expects. Firstly, for a successful website you need to submit site indexing for Google. For good searchability, you must optimise your Search Engine Optimisation, and your image and text formatting must be correct. Thirdly you need to consider usability such as optimising your images in order for them to load quickly. Website Builders don’t always offer any of these features by default. Important features like this are essential in helping your website to do well and become popular. The ultimate purpose of your website.

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Get your website made professionally

Whether you are starting a business, an e-commerce website, creating a blog website or putting your portfolio on display, the internet is where people come for information and you want it to be your information that they find. Your skill set probably doesn’t include designing websites. That is okay, but as a result, you will get frustrated when you run into problems. We all hate it when the image won’t move under the “thingy” and trying to navigate or be effective in an environment which you do not understand is a waste of your time. You have good skills and your time should be put to better use in those skills leaving the “How to build a WordPress Website” to someone who is trained in the field.

 – Professionalism

To have your website made by a reputable web designer is an investment. By going to a web designer, you are guaranteed an aesthetically appealing, professional, and well functioning website that resonates with your target audience. With this guarantee, you will have fast loading images, no embarrassing broken links, and no unwanted advertising on your site. A web designer will get you your own domain name without “.wix” in the URL and will take care of your web hosting needs. This builds credibility for your website both with your viewer- base and your online authority for SEO.

 – Customisation

The 80:20 rule no longer applies here. Your web designer will be able to use coding and thus will be able to tailor-make your website giving you 100% control. You will be able to tweak almost everything on your website to get it just the way you want it. Even better than all of this is that it won’t be your problem. You can outsource it all to your designer and they will take care of everything for you. One less problem for you to deal with.

Why Hire A Web Designer

 – Search Engine Optimisation

One of the most important factors of a successful website is a good search engine ranking. You are making a website to get new viewers and inform current ones. It defeats the purpose if your fantastic website only comes up on the third page of Google’s search results. Do you know anyone who will sift through three pages to find you? I know very few. Having good SEO comes at no additional charge, it is something that you can do once and as long as your website’s content is up to date it will stay good.

Effective SEO is also a way for people to find your website among the thousand others on search engines. A web designer understands how SEO works and knows all the tricks of the trade to help improve your website’s ranking. For business website design, this becomes a form of free business online marketing. People find your website organically and you will increase your customer base without any extra costs. Who said there is no such thing as a free lunch?

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 – Preserve your time

A web designer does all of the above and most importantly, saves you time. In a world where time is money if you attempt to build a website yourself, you will get one that potentially lacks many critical features, takes a large chunk of your valuable time to build, and doesn’t optimise the use of online space losing you potential customers. Getting a website designer to build you a professional business website is a smart move for your business short term and long term.

You will receive a beautiful website in a fraction of the time, leaving you free to focus on your business and make money. You won’t have to deal with any website issues or maintenance and will have a site that works for you (instead of you for it) in the online space. If you work out the value of your time and what it would cost you to do it yourself you might even be surprised by just how cost effective and affordable a website designer can be.

 – Help when things go wrong

Imagine this: you have designed your website using a website builder and all is well, you are working on your website, click on a button and suddenly all of your links are broken. There is no undo and panic sets in since you don’t know what to do. Because you have used a website builder you will have to contact a call center in some city in Asia, try to explain what you have done, and try to get advice that you can understand on how to undo it. Just thinking about that is frustrating.

With a web designer, you have a personalised experience. If things go wrong you pick up the phone, call the person who built your site (and understands it), and gets them to fix it. Most importantly, you will be dealing with a person, someone who cares because they were the ones who made the website and invested their time in the first place. No website builder can offer you this.


Any modern business that wants to succeed and grow in the changing business world needs to have a good online presence and a website that is professional, effective, and works to bring in customers. You could work hard and do it yourself, probably ending up spending twice as much time as you expected for a website that is moderately effective. Alternatively, you could work smart and give someone (who is trained for this very thing) the opportunity to build you a website that blows the socks of your competitors at a surprisingly affordable rate.

This is where Woww steps in. We are a web design company and have seen that people want an affordable web design service. We have streamlined the website design process. This brings down costs and enable us to offer you a service, which offers all of the features you need at an affordable price. The main reason people use website builders is that they want affordability, even if it means sacrificing a good website. This should not be the case. Therefore, we at Woww offer a professional website, made quickly and at an affordable rate.