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6 Reasons why your restaurant needs a professional website

“Why do I need a website for my restaurant?”. If you are a restaurant owner this thought has probably crossed your mind. You are already listed on Zomato, have a Facebook page, and have good signage for passing trade. What you don’t realize, is the benefits you could be getting from a website. Sites like Zomato aren’t trying to promote your specific business and you may get lost amongst the competition.

1. You can give your customers what they want: Information that is accurate, localised and easy to find

It is astonishing how difficult it can be to contact a restaurant. Many sites such as Zomato and Facebook list the restaurant, but have missing or outdated contact information. Their menus are out of date and are difficult to navigate. A website, however, allows you to place all of the correct, up to date and relevant information for your customers in one easily navigable and findable space. Here you can upload your latest menu to keep people informed as to what is on offer. You can also make yourself more accessible by having a map to your restaurant and showing people where to park, all on one page.

why restaurants need websites

2. Improve your search engine ranking and beat the competition

When people want to eat out, they typically turn to Google Search to get some good ideas. By designing a restaurant website, you can use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your benefit. It can help you to obtain a good search ranking, stand out from the competition and draw more customers. Having a good Google ranking makes your website easier to find and in turn will help you generate more business for your restaurant. This is especially true in high tourism areas where people are unsure about what restaurants have on offer.

3. You can personalize a restaurant website

Facebook and sites such as Zomato or Trip Advisor are very generic. Everyone has the same page and the information structure. Further, it is the information provided by customers that dominates the page. A restaurant website allows you to share the content that you feel is relevant. You can make it personal and representative of your restaurant so that your customer can get an idea of what to expect. You can post pictures of your restaurant, food, decor, and events.

4. You can maximise your online marketing

Restaurants rely on returning customers more than any other industry. This is especially true in the quieter seasons, when people would prefer to stay home. Having a website allows you to post your menu, specials, and make updates to your online menu. This keeps the regulars coming and invites new business. A website also acts as a home base to direct people from Facebook, Zomato and other advertising streams. You can create a mailing list to send out specials, new menus and newsletters to keep your customers informed, interested, and most importantly, returning.

You can also include a blog to write about topics relevant to your business or industry. A blog can help to promote your restaurant, especially if you host events. It also gives an idea of your restaurant’s ambience and improves your Google ranking by keeping your website current.

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5. Restaurant websites offers online ordering and booking capability

If your business deals with take-aways you could use a website to set up an online ordering system. This makes it easy for your customer to order. A website allows you to have a 24/7 booking line that isn’t dependant on staff to answer the phone and potentially get a booking wrong. A simple page with a booking form, that is directed at your e-mail of choice, will suffice. It allows customers to easily reach you, and ensure that you receive the critical information to their booking.

Online ordering system for restaurant website

6. You can deal with feedback directly

Whether it be complaints or compliments, you would rather deal with customer feedback directly. With a website, you can have a feedback page where people can post their comments and you can respond directly rather than suffering a rating loss on a site like Zomato.