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What is Elementor?

Elementor is a drag and drop website builder that works within WordPress. Elementor makes it really easy for anyone to edit a website by dragging in new blocks/widgets and allowing you to visually edit the existing content.
WordPress is the most used website platform. Around 35% of all websites are built within WordPress. However, WordPress can be a very tricky platform for non-techy people to use.
Historically, building a WordPress website involved a deep understanding of the WordPress framework and coding.
This meant that site owners were financially tied to a web developer whenever they wanted to change or update the site. With a website built with Elementor, you get both an amazing looking websites but also a full library of incredible features with no coding experience required.

Why do we use Elementor?

At Woww, we’ve always believed in making web design accessible to all business owners. As Elementor is easy to use and provides a lot of powerful functionality without coding required, it allows our team to quickly and efficiently develop amazing looking websites. This means our clients are not only able to manage the site themselves (if they want to), it also radically brings down the costs of web development.
By letting the Elementor developers focus on developing the code for the widgets and blocks, we can focus on designing a great looking website. This code is also kept up to date by the Elementor team and is also supported by a large community of web creators who further expand on and create even more powerful plugins and enhancements to supercharge the base version of Elementor.

examples of Astra themes

What themes and plugins do we use to build the best elementor websites?

Best Elementor Themes:

You can also browse for Elementor friendly themes on Themeforest.

Plugins Elementor Plugins:

Almost any WordPress plugin integrates well with Elementor

What kind of websites can you build with Elementor?

  • Static brochure websites for businesses
  • Ecommerce websites with WooCommerce
  • Portfolio websites for creatives
  • Functional websites like listing websites or online course websites
  • Anything you can imagine with WordPress

Hire an Elementor Agency

So if you’re looking for a WordPress website and want to hire a competent team of web designers. We would love to build your website on Elementor. Our agency specializes in WordPress web design with Elementor. We have very affordable web design rates.

Hire an Elementor Developer

If you’re not looking for a full agency and instead are looking for an elementor freelancer or elementor web designer for smaller ad-hoc tasks, we do provide these services as well.

Contact us today for an Elementor Expert