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Over the last two decades, the use of the internet has grown dramatically locally, and around the world. In South Africa, for example, in 2020 it was found that the average amount of time that South Africans spend online is 9 hours and 22 minutes daily

With this in mind, we are going to explain some of the benefits of digital marketing and why as a business you should be increasing your focus on digital marketing for the next decade.

It offers affordability to businesses

We have just entered a new decade, in the midst of a pandemic and massive economic struggles across the globe, businesses are going to need to find ways to spend more efficiently with better returns on investment. Digital marketing allows you to do that. 

For example, a tool like Google My Business (GMB) is completely free. GMB is one of the most important tools for any location based business right now, allowing your business to be found quickly on Google and get listed on Google Maps. 

Then there are advertising services on most search engines and social media platforms, where you can manage your budget and show ads to thousands of people affordably. 

In the next decade most businesses are going to want to effectively manage their budgets and digital marketing makes that easier.

You can target customers better

A major shortfall of traditional marketing is reaching your target market. Media such as print, radio and TV are shown to wide audiences in the hopes that it reaches your target audience as desired. In the world of digital marketing, there are tools and platforms can help address this problem and let you select and target your customers better. This also helps with using your budget more effectively. 

Using the right digital marketing tools, like Google Ads, you can target a specific audience based on age, interests, online activity, location, etc. 

This targeting will also help you understand your customers better, and give you a better understanding of your target market. It will help you know how to set up the right campaigns, like an email campaign or a social media promotion campaign. The better your understanding of your target market, the better your campaigns will be.

It will allow you to expand your reach

Many small businesses are happy to focus on a small specific location (where digital marketing is still important) but if you want to expand your brand, digital marketing can be a huge factor. 

We are now truly in a global village, and that is being seen in business practices. Worldwide retail ecommerce sales grew by 27.6% in 2020. More people are shopping online from a variety of brands, so if you want to expand your business in the 2020s, tapping into this will help a great deal. 

If you do want to tap into this growing trend, you are going to need to use digital marketing.

Millennials and Gen-Zers are online

I am a Millennial writing this piece, and I can guarantee you when we want to find something we need, we use the internet. It’s often our first and last stop.

The further we head into the 2020’s the more saturated the disposable income market will become with Millennials and Gen-Z – as they enter the market en-masse.

Both Millennials and Gen-Z grew up with internet access. By the end of the decade they will be the predominant force in the market. So, if you want to have a successful business in the 2020s you need to target them, and the best way to do that is to focus on your digital marketing strategy.

Get help with your digital marketing

If you want to put a bigger emphasis on your digital marketing strategy but don’t have the capacity in your business, we can help. We provide services in SEO, Google and social media Ads and effective Wordpress web design. Just let us know how we can help! 

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