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Google Analytics

Google analytics is a useful online tool that tracks and reports website traffic.  Ever wondered why your website isn’t as effective as you had hoped? Why people start a purchase on your site and then abandon it? Or are you just curious about who views your site and how they interact with it?  Well, Google Analytics is then the tool for you.  It collects data from your website and lets you analyze it- showing who interacts with your site and how.  This gives you a deeper understanding of your customer’s experience and some insights that you can use to improve your online presence. Here are some ways that Google analytics can help your website.

Gain insight into how people are finding your site

This is a valuable tool to guide your online marketing strategy.  For example, if most people are finding you via Facebook, you know that you may need to improve your website’s SEO or include Facebook advertisements.  This is also a valuable tool in determining which of your online marketing campaigns (anything from local search to social media marketing) are the most successful in bringing traffic to your website.

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Website analytics and viewer data

Determine where your best visitors are located

You can see where your visitors are from and how long they are on your site for.  This gives you valuable information especially if you are considering targeted advertising, as it shows you who to focus your business.

Find out what people are searching for on your site

Good SEO and Keyword placement brings traffic to your site, but what do people do once they are on your site?  Google Analytics can tell you where your traffic originates from, it can tell you where on your site they visit, what terms they searched for and how long they stayed for.  This provides you with valuable information as to whether people are finding what they are looking for on your site,  which pages of your website are problematic and which new content you can create on your site to further engage your visitors.

Determine your most popular content and most visited pages

If you want to know where people are making the most clicks on your site and which content is the most popular, the Google Analytics tool can do this. You have access to information to the percentage of clicks for each internal link on your site.  You can also find out how long visitors stay on each page. You can use this to guide future content and place important links in high traffic areas.

Identify your worst performing pages

You can compare how many people are arriving and exiting on a particular page. This information can indicate if people aren’t finding what they are looking for and leaving as a result.  It also allows you to evaluate your site’s content to ensure that visitors are finding what they want.

Page Performance Google GT Metrix

Determine where people abandon their online orders

If your website uses online payments, you can find out where people abandon your site in their ordering process. This identifies areas where you need to do some more work in order to make that page more user friendly.

Determine the demand for a mobile site

Google Analytics also tells you the percentage of your visits that are from a mobile device or computer.  By looking at how long people stay on your site and comparing mobile and computer sites you can determine if you need a mobile version of your website.

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Access to Google Analytics is included in every Woww website built.  You can use all of these tools to optimise your website and even chat to your Woww Web Developer to help you interpret the results.