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Working with Woww During COVID19

By March 16, 2020No Comments

Working with Woww during COVID 19

With the announcement of the South African Government’s response to COVID19 on 15/03/200 we would like to share our own response and how it may impact our working relationship with you,

Our overall approach

At Woww the health and wellbeing of all team members is our primary focus.
Based on the advice provided by the South African Government, professional  health care consultants and the general medical community, we are implementing a model of  social distancing & working from home.
We believe this to be the most optimal way of maintaining a high degree of service delivery while also contributing to the greater effort of “flattening the curve“.

Impact for work and deliverables

All projects, retainers and ad-hoc work will continue as usual, albeit with slight modifications in our work from home model.
In the case that a team member does contract COVID 19 or is similarity incapacitated, all work will be passed onto another suitable team member and communicated as such.
In the case this is not possible, all work will be postponed until said team member has recovered, this too will be communicated.

Impact for communication

  • Emails
    Email communication will remain our preferred primary means of communication, however please afford slightly longer response time over the next few days as we settle into our new remote working operations.
  • Phone Calls
    The office landline will not be answered during the isolation period, please revert all calls directly to a relevant staff member via cellphone. You may request a staff members cellphone number via email or alternatively arrange a video call on Skype / Google Hangout
  • Meetings
    Until further notice, all physical meetings will be cancelled and instead hosted via a video conference call through Skype / Google Hangout.
  • Loadshedding
    As we will be requesting all staff to work in isolation at home, we are acutely aware of the added disruptions that may occur due to load shedding.
    We are taking active steps to provide our staff with backup solutions as soon as possible, however there may be challenges in the interim due to not all staff members having access to backup power and/or internet.

Impact for your website

  • Technical support
    Your website uptime and technical health is always of utmost importance, we will be engaging and keeping up to date with all technology suppliers who may also be impacted during this period.
  • Website Traffic and Performance
    While difficult to predict, some websites may experience drops in website traffic, leads and sales. Woww will undertake every measure possible to ensure we mitigate this internally, but it’s important to be aware of the global impact COVID19 is having on society and how this may ultimately affect your website.
  • Strategic opportunities:
    It is during a time like this that your website may offer strategic opportunities.
    Consider offering Corona related specials, Corona related content or updating your websites blog with an official statement regarding any operational changes.
    Please communicate with your regular Woww contacts regarding any specific updates that we may assist you with.

Key Personnel For Additional Queries:

Escalated issues:
Advanced Technical Support:
Everything else: Current usual person of contact

Final thoughts.

We consider the COVID19 epidemic to be very serious and we know that this is a time of heightened anxiety and disruption to normal life.
But if there’s one thing South Africans know, it’s how to make a plan!
We want you to feel 100% supported, and we shall try our best to do so.
Please stay safe, informed, and if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out.
Best regards
Felix & the Woww Team